What is a cloudberry?

A cloudberry, or in Swedish,  hjortron, is a wildberry found in northern climates, such as the Scandinavian countries and the northern parts of Canada and Russia. They have been described as tart, fresh, and creamy.

Who are you and why in the world should we listen to you?

Elin. Twenty-six. The product of generations of northern Scandinavian reindeer herders and various other European itinerants.  I like spiced whiskey, litchi nuts, and gas stoves. You probably shouldn’t listen to me, all things considered,  but I come with fantastic recipes for salted caramel sauce.

What am I going to find here?

As a fourth-generation immigrant, I’d found I had lost touch with my Scandinavian roots and now I’m seeking to reclaim that through traditional recipes and stories. In addition, you’ll also find a lot of other cooking here, usually dressed up by a notch or two.

Where can I directly contact you?

I’m best found at my email address – svarthjarta at gmail dot com.


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