elin. twenty-six. food enthusiast. 

Anthony Bourdain tells a story, in the opening to Kitchen Confidential, of his first true experience with food. It was a vichyssoise served on the Queen Mary, on one of his first travels to France. It was a soup. And it was cold. Perhaps everyone has their first culinary wake-up call somewhere around then, ages five or six. And mine?

I was five years old, white blond and skinny, and living in Waipahu, Hawaii. And I discovered sushi. Food could be rolled. It could look unlike anything you’d ever seen before. It could be notes of bright flavor and freshness. It could tell a story.

This blog marries my love of food with my love of healthy living. Here I share my frequently offbeat fusion of traditional Scandinavian and Asian cooking (Scanasian? Asianavian?) and my love of fresh ingredients, locally sourced products, recipes that set off the natural flavor of a fresh tomato, rather than attempting to drown it.

Michael Pollan put it best in In Defense of Food.  Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Hej då!


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